The Dirt on Dodge IFS

From 4 Wheel & Off-Road Magazine:

"Dodge, no matter in solid axle or in independent front suspension form, has been ignored by many in the aftermarket when compared to those other two big American manufacturers because of the smaller numbers of these trucks made.Dodge's previous-generation Ram changed the way trucks are made today when it debuted in late 1993 with its enormously bulged hood - very reminiscent of the trucks our grandfathers drove. The Dakota was the first--and to this day the only midsized truck to offer an available V-8 under the hood. Dodge was the last to get rid of the solid axle under its 1/2-ton trucks. Dodge holds a record for the fastest truck in the world (the SRT-10). And Dodge has the Cummins torque monster. You'd think more attention would be paid to trucks that are so memorable..."


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